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If anyone belongs in Bill White’s Mount Rushmore Hall of Fame, it’s got to be ex-cop, ex-Councilman, ex-County worker, ex-shock jock and ex-con Jim Gregory. How someone can end up with a 15 month state prison sentence for non-violent violations of Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) Orders is nothing short of a miracle. He managed to do it, and may very well be earning himself some extra time.

According to Friday’s Bethlehem police blotter, police are investigating an unidentified state prison inmate male, who is sending letters to someone at the Sands Casino after being told to stay away from her by Pennsylvania State Police. The matter is marked “open,” indicating no charges have been filed … yet.

Is this Jim Gregory? Here’s what I know.

The Beauty Queen

Back in August, before Jim Gregory was sent to Graterford, Camp Hill and Pittsburgh State Correctional Institutes for multiple violations of a Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) Order, he had his eyes set on yet another beauty. 

But the newspapers never gave him a chance.

On WGPA-AM, he discussed a blossoming one-sided romance with a Sands waitress who was a Miss Pennsylvania contestant. “I just looked into her eyes, like I did when I met [my ex]. … Not only was she beautiful inside, but she was beautiful outside.”

There you go. Kinda’ like me.

On his show, he named her, and even showed her picture on the live-stream. I’m sure she was delighted. 

He said he gave her a $600 gold and diamond chain and set up sponsors to help her in her beauty pageant. But for some reason, this attractive 20-something with a boyfriend wanted nothing to do with a guy in his 60s.

Go figure.

State police had to tell him to back off, according to what Gregory himself said

On his short-lived and libelous radio show, Gregory blames it all on bad publicity from The Express Times. 

He was hoping to have her on his show as a guest, but got popped right after one of his broadcasts. 

Docket sheets do not list any new charges against Gregory. But it’s hard to believe there could be another person out there like him. I’ll be watching this.

Mezzacappa Falling Out

In other Jim Gregory news, he’s had a falling out with his moll, Tricia Mezzacappa. She described him in Court as her “significant other”, but now she’s speculating publicly that he’s involved in smuggling contraband.

At least she hasn’t accused him of rape.

This fight is over material things.

He asked her to return his iPod and other items that he either gave or loaned her, but she ignored his letter.

She has a habit of ignoring letters, like she did with the certified mail notice of her nonjury trail.

Gregory wrote again.

“I’d like to remain friends,” he tells her. “Please don’t make me involve the police. Just do as I ask.” So she published his letter, even though it contains the phone numbers of innocent people, one of whom seems to be his wife. 

And she wonders why people get upset with her. 

Mezzacappa denies having anything that belongs to Gregory, except a birdcage, and she refuses to return it. 

He’ll have to file a replevin action, I guess. 

Who’s telling the truth? Mezzacappa or Gregory? How’d you like to have to make that call?